Vibrant Communities Where Age is an Advantage

It all starts with extraordinary staff that sincerely love spending time with seniors. All Vantage Living communities are built upon a focus on people first. Our commitment to hiring and retaining quality individuals that excel at what they do, and enjoy coming to work, is a critical factor to the success of each one of our communities. Lakeside Manor is no different. Our focus on people and service shows through in all that we offer.

The Vibrant Advantage™

Vantage Living is dedicated to ensuring every resident enjoys a Vibrant Advantage™ experience. The Vibrant Advantage ™ means that every day our residents will experience:

A choice, a smile, a need met, a laugh, a hug, an opportunity to grow, learn or teach.

The Vibrant Advantage ™ combines:

the promotion of independence, the ability to make choices, Resident-centered services, dignity and privacy, a home-like environment, autonomy, self-determination and self-governance.

Vibrant Advantage™ is our promise to you, a promise of choice, dignity, and opportunity. The Vibrant Advantage™ experience residents enjoy at Lakeside Manor Retirement Residence involves so much more than just a private suite and service package. It’s a way of life that encompasses meaningful relationships, social and recreational opportunities, the freedom to make choices, sharing ideas and interests, and becoming a part of the community where you live. Residents at Lakeside Manor reminisce together, enjoy profound learning experiences, a sense of safety and security, pleasurable dining experiences and daily opportunities to connect with neighbours and share meaningful moments together.

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